Let's Finish This Race

Strive For The Crown

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Let's make sure we finish the race!

Heavenly Father, thank You for calling me into the race for the crown that will last forever. Please show me any hidden sin or superfluous things I’m holding on to that hinder me running well. Help me to fix my eyes on Jesus, today and every day. Amen.

Philippians 3:14 KJV

Press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Don't Quit

Keep running the race. Keep running after scriptures and embrace the word. Keep the faith and press-on, continuing the race to try and plant seeds for the King. Be faithful no matter the seasons of your life, just keep running.

Let us run with obedience!

Be faithful to the cause of Christ.

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Fight The Good Fight Of Faith
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Are You Running from Jesus? It's Time To Turn It Around! Don't Give Up! Strive For The Crown!

Do you every feel lost, incomplete? Failure at everything? Grasping at anything just to feel good? Never finishing anything or feeling like you just want to give up and throw in the towel? Do you struggle in every aspect of your life? You run and run from God because you have let eveyone including yourself down? You hate being a hypocrite so you run from his light because you feel you are not worthy of his love? Or better yet you run from God because evey time you run to him there is a problem and nothing good happens? Do you feel you have no purpose in life? You feel you don't have a relationship with God or a strong enough relationship?

Satan wants to destroy you. His goal is to keep you discouraged and beaten down. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, then we are called to greatness. You have a job to do for God. You don't have time to be defeated.

Everyone of us is caught up in a battle against sin. Everyone of us is running a race that has been set before us, filled with pitfalls and obstacles that seek to hinder us on our journey.  As I reflect back over my life, I realize that the presence of trials and tribulations is not where my focus should be which will always be present in our lives. There are so many distractions in this world. It is so easy for us to take our eyes off of Jesus and put them on the things around us. Satan will try anything he can to cause us to struggle in our race of faith. He will bring distractions into our lives to try to make us take our eyes off of Jesus. When our eyes are off of Jesus, we may get tired and want to give up in the race.

For so many years, I lived my life pursuing the desires of my own heart. God allowed me to experience the consequences of pursuing that which I was not created to pursue and I found myself broken and alone in the wake of the destruction I had caused. God opened my eyes and rescued me and I was made into a new creation. Now my eyes were no longer fixed on the desires of my own wicked heart, but on Jesus Christ. Now I see the world with a biblical worldview and in the confusion and turmoil of this broken world, I see great hope. And instead of seeing today as a burden too great to bear, I see Jesus, carrying me through the trials that are to come.

You are not alone! In Jesus you have a Warrior who has won the battle, a Champion who has defeated the foe, a Conqueror who will lead you in triumph. He is your Light in the darkest night, your Companion in the deepest valley, your Guide through the densest forest, your Rock on the shakiest ground, your Shelter from the strongest storm, your Oasis in the driest desert, your Captain on the roughest seas. He is your security, your shelter, your shield!

As a Christian in this race we need strength. We can find all of the strength we need in Jesus. Bible study, worship, and prayer will get us ready for the race ahead. Remember, when you are faced with discouragement and difficulty to focus on the one who is in front of you, His name is Jesus Christ. We have an everlasting crown, a wonderful eternity with Jesus once we cross the finish line.

Jesus is telling us to focus on Him until the race is over. He will help us to finish. Run hard, look to Jesus don’t look back, and win! Strive For The Crown. Don't Quit! Don't Give Up!

Don't run from Him...Run To Him...He Loves You!!!



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